About Froggity Frog

I love the endless possibilities that there are in crochet, and I want to share that with you

Me, owner of The Cool Crochet Society

Hi! I’m Kelly, creator of Froggity Frog. I love to explore the world of crochet and love nothing better than discovering new techniques and trying out new stitches.

One of my aims is to give you the confidence to try something new too, and see just how easy it is to make all kinds of stitches and patterns.

I’ve been creating crochet patterns since 2019 after deciding to make the switch from selling what I made to only selling patterns. I have to say, it’s the best decision I made as I now have the chance to try out new designs and stitches all the time, and bring you crochet patterns for all occasions, and with so many different stitches.