The FrankenScrap Crochet Along

A scrappy crochet along with over 50 different crochet stitches

The FrankenScrap

The FrankenScrap crochet along will start on the 14th of January 2024. This double bed sized blanket is made up of 53 individual pieces all made with a different crochet stitch.

The CAL will run over 49 weeks, ending on the 13th of December 2024. Each new piece will be available each friday at 8pm UK time. The pattern will be published for free here on my blog (the links are below), you will also find the links and help threads over in my Facebook group here

If you would like to have the ad free pdf of each piece, you can get those on Ravelry here, and each new piece will be added into your library each week.

The FrankenScrap is a scrap project, so there is no colour plan, I just pulled out a random ball of yarn from my stash to create each piece.

The amount of yarn needed for each piece is listed in the table below along with the layout so you can get colour planningwith your scraps.

You can sign up to weekly email alerts for when the next piece is released here

FrankenScrap Yarn Table
FrankenScrap Layout with piece numbers

FrankenScrap Pattern Links

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Week 5 Of The FrankenScrap Crochet Along
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