Easy Crochet Heart Pattern

Easy Crochet Heart Pattern

These hearts are quick to make up, as the pattern is only 3 rounds and can be made into super sweet gifts. I’d love to know if you used them for other things not on the list above – come and let me know in The Froggity Frog Facebook group.

Keep reading to see how to crochet a heart and add this super cute motif to keyring chains and paperclips, the blanks of which are available on Ebay or Amazon quite cheaply. The pattern for the heart along with the video is further down the article.

Reuseable Cotton Wool Pads

Reuseable Cotton Heart Scrubbies

These hearts are a sweet addition to your face care routine. Replace single use cotton wool for these, they’re also super handy to add to travel kits for washing on the go. The point of the heart is fab for removing eye make up and the lobes give you a bigger surface to wipe the larger areas of your face like the cheeks and forehead.

They are machine washable, just follow the care instructions on the yarn label.

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I recommend using 100% cotton if you’re using them for cotton pads as it is one of the most absorbent yarn fibres available. I use either Stylecraft Cotton Classique or Rico Creative Cotton Aran with a 4mm hook

Crochet Heart Keyrings

The hearts can also be added to keyrings to make a cute addition to your keys, and as bag tags. Or how about giving them as wedding or party favours? They would look adorable presented in little organza bags like this

I use keyring blanks such as these from Amazon which have a closed jump ring on the end, so there’s no need for pliers like if you had to attach the jump rings for yourself.

Attaching a keyring to your heart motif Attaching your keyring to your heart motif







To turn your heart into a keyring, start by threading the keyring blank onto your yarn before you start your magic loop. You can then ignore it until you need it. When you have made the final 2 chains at the end of round 2, slip the keyring up (picture 1.) and make your slip stitch over it (picture 2). Carry on the pattern as before.

Crochet Heart Keyrings

Crochet Heart Paperclip Bookmarks

I use jumbo paperclips with a length of 7cm. You can pick up a pack of 100 for just a few pounds like these from Amazon. I use this size as they are big enough to hold the heart easily and are large enough to be used as bookmarks. If you were to use a lower weight yarn such as thread or 4 ply, you could use a smaller size paperclip.

To add the heart motif onto paper clips, make the pattern as normal up until the 7th sc in the set of 8 in round 3. When you get to the 7th sc make it around the top of the paper clip (picture 1). Carry on the pattern, and when you get to the 2nd sc after you have made the 3 stitches at the bottom of your heart, make that sc over the top of the paper clip again (picture 2). Finish the round

Attaching the paperclip to your heart

Attaching your paperclip to your heart







Push the paperclip up, so that the top is level with the centre of the heart, and use your starting tail to secure it in place (picture 3.)

Crochet Heart Bookmarks

Heart Crochet Earrings

Crochet Heart Earrings Being Worn

I use crochet thread in size 10 to make earrings, such as Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat, or Aunt Lydia’s cotton. Make the heart pattern as above with a 1.25 mm hook – I recommend using Clover amour steel hooks as they come with an ergonomic grip which makes them easier on your hands

Once you have finished the final round, but before you weave in the ends, slip your end tail through the hoop of an earring hook, such as these plated earring fish hooks.

I like to leave a loop of thread between the hook and the heart to give the earring a bit more movement when wearing them. Secure the ends into the back of the heart. Repeat to make the second earring and voila! A beautiful and unique pair if earnings everyone will be admiring.

For more patterns from Froggity Frog why not take a look at our 2020 crochet along The 50 Stitches CAL and all my paid for patterns as well as my Lifetime Pattern Pass can be found here.

The Crochet Heart Motif Pattern

This pattern is written in US terms and we’ll be using the following stitches, click the links to go to videos on my YouTube channel to see how to create the them:

Round 1. Magic circle, chain 2. Make 15 dc in circle and slip stitch into the first dc (the beginning chain 2 doesn’t count as a stitch)

Round 2. Chain 2 and in the same stitch make 1dc. In next stitch make 4 trc, 2 dc in next stitch. Into the next 4 stitches make a hdc, in the next stitch make (1 dc, 1 trc, 1 dc) all in the stitch. Over the next 4 stitches make a hdc, 2dc in the next stitch, then 4 trc in the next stitch. In the next stitch make 1 dc, chain 2 and slip stitch into the same stitch as your dc. 

Round 2 of the crochet heart motif

Round 3. In the side of the chain 2 of round 2, make 2 sc, then in the 1st double crochet of round 2 make 1 sc in the top,

2sc in the next stitch, 1sc then 2sc in the next stitches. For the next 8 stitches make a sc. In the top of the treble crochet of round 2 make a sc, hdc and a sc in the same stitch.

Make a sc in the next 8 stitches. 2 sc in the next stitch then 1 sc, 2sc, 1sc. In the side of the chain 2 from round 2 make 2sc then slip stitch into the slip stitch of round 2.

Finishing round 3 of the heart motif

Tie off and weave in the ends

If you are looking for more heart crochet projects, why not check out this free pattern for a mini heart cushion from Once Upon A Cheerio



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