Really Easy Crochet Hotpad Pattern

Easy Hotpad Crochet Pattern

This is a super easy crochet hotpad pattern that will keep your fingers safe from hot oven trays and pans. This is a really simple pattern that is great to do if you want to just crochet without having to think about anything as once you’ve made your foundation chain you don’t have to keep count at all.

This pattern creates a thick oven pad which will protect your hands and worktops from most heat sources – I know as I use mine every day in my kitchen and can pull piping hot baking trays out of my oven with them with no issues caused by heat seeping through.

I have 3 of these super handy hotpads in my kitchen and find having these fabulous little squares dotting around so super handy. I use them to remove casserole dishes from my oven, pick up metal handled saucepans from the hob and to place piping hot pots onto my worksurfaces without damaging my countertops. I have never had an issue with anything being too hot for my hotpads to handle.

These crochet hotpads are also easy to care for. When they get covered by food spills, I just pop them in my regular washing cycle with my other laundry, and they come out good as new. They’ve even survived being accidently put through the dryer on more than a few occasions. I’ve been using mine for years and they are showing no signs of wearing out.

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I’m using Rico Cotton Creative Print Aran and a 4mm hook for this pattern. I chose to use a smaller hook than is recommended for the yarn so that the stitches would be nice and tight and make a very dense hole free fabric. You can use any 100% cotton of your choice, just choose a hook size that gives you a tight no holes fabric. But I would definitely recommend using a thicker yarn like Aran / Worsted weight to give your hands and kitchen surfaces extra protection from the heat.

Cotton is a heat resistant fibre so it is essential that anything you make that is going to be exposed to high heat sources, like your hotpads, is made from 100% cotton. Synthetic fibres like acrylic are made with spun plastic fibres, so will melt when exposed to high heat making them unsuitable for potholders like these.

 Rico Cotton Print - the yarn I used to make my potholder

Crochet HotPad Pattern

The written pattern is below. If you need any help with making your hotpad, then come on over to our supportive and helpful Facebook group – Froggity Frog’s Ribbit And Stitch and you can find all the support you need and connect with your fellow crocheters

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Ch = Chain
  • St = Stitch
  • Sc = Single Crochet

Start by making a chain that will be the diagonal length of your pad. I’m making a chain of 41 which made my pad come out as a size of 16 x 16cm using Rico Cotton Creative Print Aran yarn. You can adjust your chain to any length if you prefer a smaller or bigger hot pad. The best thing about how simple this pattern is, is that you can make your hotpads as big or as small as suits your needs. Just make your foundation chain bigger or smaller, there is no pattern repeat for this, you’re just going to make loads of single crochet stitches.

In the 3rd chain from your hook make a sc. 

Your starting chain

Make a sc in each stitch in the chain. When you get to the end of the chain you are going to start working in the opposite side. There are no extra stitches for the turn, instead you just carry on and make a sc in the other side of your chain. This will make your row start to pinch at the end, which is what you want to see as this forms the corner of your hotpad. Then carry on down the other side of your chain making a sc in each stitch. 

Sc down the opposite side of your chain
The pinching at the end is the second side of the pad starting to form

When you get to your beginning sc, make a sc in the top and carry on making a sc in each stitch.

Keep on like this, as if you’re crocheting in the round in a spiral. You will start to see the corners at the ends of your foundation chain start to fold over to create 2 pockets. These pockets will eventually meet in the middle to form the other side of your pad – this is how the double thickness of your hotpad is created. How cool is that!

The sides form by themselves

Keep going working single crochet stitches in a spiral until both sides meet in the middle and your hotpad is square on all sides. 

Once your sides meet and all is squared off, make your final single crochet stitch in one of the corner where the sides meet and leave a tail of yarn twice as long as your hotpad. You can then use this tail to whip stitch the sides together without having to join another piece of yarn. I don’t know about you, but I think the less sewing that’s involved the better and this is a great trick to reducing the sewing requirements for this pattern.

The 2 sides meet in the middle
Whip stitch the two sides together

You should whip stitch through the tops loops of each side of the pad, and work through every stitch. Pull your yarn tight when whip stitching to make sure the 2 sides of your hotpad are properly closed together.

Once your sewing is finished, you can cut off and weave in your ends and then you’re done! Your super easy crochet hotpad pattern is complete and you can safely use it in your kitchen to protect your worksurfaces, table tops and your hands from the heat of your baking trays, casserole dishes, pots and pans.

Your finished potholder

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