The Simple Way To Stop Yarn Rubbing Your Finger

Crochet Rings to stop yarn rubbing your finger

Finger burn from yarn is a common problem for crocheters and knitters and is so frustrating when you just want to keep on going.

You can use plasters, but they’re just messy and you have to keep on using new ones, and the yarn can drop below or rise above the plaster. This just gives you a new yarn burn in a different place.

So how can you stop yarn burn in a simple and a mess free, non wasteful way?

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Crochet Rings

These rings can be a simple coil of wire, or you can get some beautiful ornate designs that could pass for normal jewellery. Like this pretty peacock design, wouldn’t you love to rock this piece of crochet jewellery even when out and about?

They tend to be made from either stainless steel or plastic, which also means you can pick them up really cheaply. Take a look how inexpensive yarn rings are.

How To Use A Crochet Ring

Crochet rings are easy to use. You wear them on the finger that you would guide your yarn with. Then hook your yarn around the hook of the ring, which then takes over the guiding of your yarn. Move your finger as normal, its just now the yarn is rubbing against the ring instead of your skin.

The steel yarn rings are usually adjustable, allowing you to change their width to suit you and the position you want it on your finger. You can also get thimble like yarn guides with just fit on top of your finger. Different rings come with different numbers of hooks. The more hooks, the more strands of yarn you can use with them at the same time.

Crochet Ring Designs

I’ve found these crochet ring designs, some beautiful, some practical. Which is your favourite?

  • Phoenix crochet ring – A striking design, this makes for an eyecatching piece of crochet jewellery.


  • Simple Yarn Guide – This is the simplest version of a yarn ring. It’s a coil of wire with 2 hooks so you can use 2 strands of yarn at the same time. This is a really great crochet ring for using multiple strands in colourwork projects

  • 4 Strand Yarn Guide – This option fits on top of your finger like a thimble. It also has multiple yarn guides for working with several strands of yarn at the same time. Perfect for a single crochet graphgan project

  • Clover Yarn Guide – This is a plastic ring but it has multiple yarn guides. Handy if you’re working with multiple strands of yarn.

  • Flower Gem Ring – This is a more ornate ring with the diamante details. Who says crochet rings only have to be practical, they can be really pretty too

  • Fox Yarn Ring – I really like this one, its simple but a lovely clean design and that fox is super cute.




  • Braided Crochet Ring – This a pretty but simple adjustable ring, perfect for a more understated look.


I’d love to hear what your experience is with using yarn rings. Come on over to The Cool Crochet Society Facebook page and let us know


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