Crochet For The Bathroom – 7 Project Ideas

Crochet For The Bathroom

Cotton yarn is the perfect choice for crochet for the bathroom. Cotton is strong when wet, is extremely durable and doesn’t felt or stretch when in use. It is easily cared for too and can be regularly refreshed by putting it in the washing machine with your regular laundry.

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My favourite cotton to use for bathroom projects is either Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK if I want something nice and soft, and Patons Cotton DK if I want something to be more exfoliating.

I find LoveCrafts to be a really great store to find a good variety of colours for my projects, and they deliver internationally as well – If you scroll to the bottom of their site, you can change the currency you view the prices in.


What Can I Crochet For My Bathroom?

There are so many things you can crochet for the bathroom, and as an added bonus they are often things that are reusable and replace plastic or single use products so crocheting for the bathroom is ecofriendly too!

Shower Puffs

Shower Puffs are one of my favourite makes. They’re quick and easy to make, and last for years.

It’s true that crochet shower Puffs take a bit of getting used to and you won’t see as many bubbles as if you were using a net one, but you don’t have to worry about them unravelling and if they get a bit gunky, you just pop them in the washing machine.

Here’s my crochet shower puff pattern. You can make this up in around an hour

Shower Puff Crochet Pattern

Wash Cloths

Wash cloth are always a super popular make, and a great way to try out new stitches.

Washcloth are usually around 8 inches square and you can choose from a whole variety of stitches to make them. My favourite is the Lemon Peel stitch but the Crunch Stitch and Camel stitch would make great alternatives too.

Click the links to find the How To guides on all of these stitches and more and start making your own wash Cloths

Reusable Cotton Pads

Cotton pads don’t have to be round, which opens up all kinds of possibilities when choosing a pattern for them.

Cotton pads are often used for makeup removal then when used once they’re thrown away. These reusable ones can be thrown into the washing machine to be used again and again, and you get to pick your own colours too!

The points on these stars and hearts are ideal for reaching the corners of your eyes to get to those hard to reach spots. The shape is a bit unusual for cotton pads but they make a fun and useful alternative

Star shaped scrubbies in natural cotton

You can find the free patterns for the stars here, and the hearts here. Both have video patterns as well as a written picture guide.

Soap Saver

Easy Soap Saver

Soap savers are super handy if you use soap bars. There will be no more soap slipping out of your hands with these handy little bags.

You use the soap while it’s in the Saver, so it helps you keep a tight grip. And there’s no need for anymore scummy soap dishes. Instead you just hang up your soap saver with your soap on it to dry. How handy is that!

You can find this really quick and easy Soap Saver Pattern here

Bath Rugs

I love a nice fluffy rug to step on after a lovely hot soak in the tub. So why not make your own to match your bathroom colours and that will suit the texture your feet prefer?

Here are 8 different crochet bathroom rug patterns to give you some ideas

Bath Mitts

If you don’t like the sound of a shower puff, then how about a bath mitt instead?

There’s something a bit luxurious about a mitt, and if you use chunky yarn, or double up 4ply they work up really quickly too. Just make a rectangle double the width you want, then sew together on the long and one of the shirt sides.

Back Scrubber

The ultimate way to reach your bag is a back scrubber. These are really easy to make and so super handy, everyone needs one of these for their shower.

Here’s a free pattern so you can get making a luxurious massaging back scrubber for yourself

There you have it, 7 ideas for crochet for your bathroom. Which is your favourite? I’d love to see your completed projects, come and share them with us over in our Facebook group


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